About the Artist

 Lucilda represented the US in India's Triennale, and was selected as First Night Boston Artist in 2007. She currently works from her home studio on the Neponset River in Boston, and retreats to paint in her Jamaican studio of her own design.

Moving beyond boundaries of  culture, national origin, gender, race and religion to muse on universal themes, Lucilda uses cross-cultural symbols and icons in expressing her vision.

Her focus on the deeper layers of consciousness that speaks in symbolic language across the threshold of time and culture reminds us of our essential nature as avatars, living in a body on planet earth. She explores the beauty of nature

and human nature in her paintings, mostly in oils or water based media on canvas and paper.

Her layered style reflects the multiple subjectivities she adopts to navigate living cross culturally. Her hybrid identity further creates an empathic personality to the multiplicity of human expressions.

This fusion of geographic and cultural consciousness in her art is discussed in the essay “Chutney, Metissage and Other Mixed Metaphors” by Gita Rajan in the book Afro-Asian Encounters (New York University Press - 2006)